Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller, Tropic

Brand Name Baby Trend
Model DX60402
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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Make your next walk more comfortable with the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller. It features a pair of seats that make it suitable for two babies at a time. The Baby Jogger Double Stroller is a useful choice for parents of twins. It's built with multi-position seats that can be reclined for extra comfort. Use the Baby Trend twin stroller to give your kids a place to sit and relax while going for a jog outdoors. The five-point harness provides ideal safety and stability for the occupants during movement. The stroller has ratcheted canopies to provide shade and weather protection. Lockable swivel casters at the front provide easy movement and keep it stable. Keep the kids stocked with snacks and drinks using the built-in trays and cup holders. An MP3 plug-in with speakers allows babies to enjoy music during the trip. The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller features a strong and durable frame.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller, TropicBaby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller, TropicBaby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller, TropicBaby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller, TropicBaby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller, Tropic
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller, Tropic
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 Customer Reviews

Great stroller, great price with many features!
I love this stroller, great price for a lot of features...I have had it for 3 weeks now...I brought it when my girls turned 2, so I have no review for other ages groups, but I can tell you has plenty of room to grow, (which I was looking for) my twin girls just turned 2 and are big for their age. They weigh 36 and 37 lbs right now and are tall for their age...I had to get a new double stroller because the one I was using had very small wheels and was becoming harder and harder to push and turn (although my girls were still in the weight range). This stroller has real tire wheels and pushes and turns very easily and smoothly! (I did have to go to a local gas station and inflate the wheels when I received the stroller) I love the weight limit, 50 lbs per seat, 100 total....I am not using it as a jogging stroller, I use it everyday as an outside walking stroller. But I did give it a test jog and it worked very well! The front wheels can swivel or stay straight. For jogging, you should lock them in place so they stay straight. It has the wrist strap for jogging and reflectors on the wheels...My girls fit very comfortably with plenty of room. Plenty of seat room and leg room...I like how the foot area is more rounded, not like a triangle, so their feet can sit on the area without hanging off...I would have liked more head room for them. Their heads come to the top of the back of the seat already....but then there is a mesh lining, which I plan to attach a travel pillow too or sew a small cushion or padding, so they have more head room as they grow...Love the removable individual snack/drink trays for them. Love that the canopies are separate and can move in any direction. The seats and harness are adjustable. The seats lay almost flat...there is plenty of storage in the storage bins under the stroller as well as each seat having a storage pocket in the back of it as well. There is a great parent cup holder (holds two) and a speaker hook up for an ipod/phone or can be used as a storage for a phone or small item. The breaks work fine, one on each side of the back of the stroller on the back wheels. The stroller folds and opens easily, it is a bit heavy, but that's not a problem for me at all. It fits in the back of my minivan. If it does not fit, you may want to remove the child trays. Easy to assemble, you have to screw the screws in place, (read and follow all directions). Overall I am very happy and pleased with my decision to purchase this stroller!4twinmama
Love it!
When I got pregnant again, I started looking at (affordable) double jogging strollers. I didn't even include some of the more expensive brands in my search because I knew I wasn't good to pay 500+ for a stroller. We have the baby trend single and absolutely love it.
After months of searching and reading reviews, I decided on the navigator and was so happy when they came out with the tropic color.
I have a three year old and an infant. My Graco Snugride 35 (Classic connect) fits and works nicely with this stroller, although it doesn't say it's compatible. My daughter had plenty of room on the footrest (one of my reasons for opting for a stroller with two front wheels vs one) and loved that she could adjust her own canopy. (Which, both canopies can go all the way down). My son has just snoozed in the car seat, so I'm assuming the ride is smooth enough for him.
We've taken it on walks on both roads and sidewalks and a jog on the road/bike trail (it's right down the street). Some things I've noticed: the wheels have to be locked when you want to jog, as they do in any jogging stroller. When walking at a quick pace, with the wheels unlocked, the stroller does pull a little to the heavier side, though I didn't notice this when jogging with the wheels locked. I did try to lightly jog with the wheels unlocked and the front wheel wobbled under my daughter so I'm assuming the other reviews that complained about wobbly wheels did not have them locked.
The speakers are quieter than just playing music off my phone, but I like that because it allows me to talk to my daughter while still listening to music. I do miss having a remote locking front wheel, but manually locking the wheel is not a major inconvenience. Turning while the wheels were locked was easier than I thought; you barely have to push down to lift the front end.
Assembly of the stroller only took about 10 minutes. The main inconvenience of this stroller is that it will not fit through the front or back door unfolded. It will fit in the back of my escape, but there's not much room for anything else.
I don't find it to be too heavy, but my daughter also weighs about 31 pounds and I lift her all the time.
One thing that was a pleasant surprise to me was the handle bar. I'm 5'4" and I was worried about it being too high, but it's just right. My arms are at about a 90 degree angle while pushing which comes in handy because I needed both hands to push this while jogging. The handle bar is also narrower than it appeared in the picture. Definitely made for one person to push (I thought the picture made it look wide enough for two).
Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone.MRobinette
A review for other serious runners
I looked and looked for a stroller to meet my running needs and my husband's idea of an appropriate price. So here's the deal, for the price I think that this stroller does the job and i am comfortable running with it. Here's why: easy to push/control, handles bumps pretty nicely, love the mp3 hook up, and wheels glide great. I ALWAYS lock the front wheels to run, you have to. It actually isn't hard to run on paths that have slight curves and I just pop up the back to turn. I am in my late 20s and have 2 kids(3 and 1 yrs old). I am a normal weight and 5'5". I have no trouble handling this stroller w/ both kids in it. Both of my kids fit nicely and the seats do seem roomy and love that the canopy is not one unit. I like to shield my little one from the sun but my 3 yr old always wants to control her own shade(go figure:) I usually run about 3 miles every other day and feel like for the money this is the best double jogger i could find. I haven't taken this stroller out for a long run but could see myself taking it for 6 miles or more, but I think my kids would be done WAY before I would finish. So for now it's used for everyday runs and I run the long ones alone. This stroller is used just for running for me and if that's what you need a review on then this is the review for you:) I wanted a BOB but just couldn't get my husband to go for the price. I was fearful that I would get this stroller and never run w/ it b/c it was too heavy or found it too hard to run with. It's actually a great stroller and I am glad that my husband did't agree on the $400 BOB. Don't get me wrong, this stroller is great but do realize that running w/ any jogger is going to be a harder run. I just figure I am getting a more intense workout and conditioning w/ the stroller makes running by myself seem like a breeze:) Hope that this review helps other runners out there:)Runningwithkids

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