Joovy Cool Essentials Stroller Organizer

Brand Name Joovy
Model 900
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Made with ultra-insulative neoprene, the Joovy Cool Essentials Stroller Organizer is perfect for stashing a cool or warm drink and keeping keys from bouncing out.

Joovy Cool Essentials Stroller OrganizerJoovy Cool Essentials Stroller Organizer
Joovy Cool Essentials Stroller Organizer
Joovy Cool Essentials Stroller OrganizerDouble zipper storage pocketThree extra pocketsMachine washableCompatible with the Joovy Caboose Stroller

 Customer Reviews

A Must Have
This really does come in handy. Makes all of my essentials very accessible! No need to carry a purse. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]Quantisha
Thank goodness Joovy came up with an easy way to store your drinks and belongings to go with the easy-to-use stroller! The product was exactly what I expected it to be...a neoprene cover that easily slips over the handle of the stroller. A basic organizer for a user-friendly stroller. I could see where it's simplicity will be wonderful for washing! My only complaint is that the drink pockets are too small for larger water bottles or big cups, but the zippered pouch in front is wide and deep enough to accomodate those and doesn't allow the drink to spill (I tested that theory with a large styrofoam cup of lemonade at the mall without any issues!) There are several pockets for parents on-the-go, perfect for keys, kleenex, or whatever other small things you need to keep handy! So glad I got this Joovy organizer rather than a different brand!TwoGirlsAndMe
Very convenient and durable. Does not slide down. You will mot regret this buy... i rather spend an extra $20 than to have to push a stroller and hold my drink.. def a great buy!Crystal

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