Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews

Best Double Jogging StrollerFor those who want to be able to take their kids with them while they get their daily run, the best double jogging stroller gives you the ability to do just that. Double joggers are built with a side by side design so two kids can sit one beside the other with your pushing them as you jog or run.

Modern versions of these baby strollers have come a long way, and our double jogging stroller reviews below will give you an idea of the different features that have been added over the years to make having your kids with you as you workout more convenient and more importantly safe.

Best Double Jogging Stroller Comparison Guide

Below is our list of the top products in this category. We’ve put them in table for so you can quickly compare the different specifications of each of the items.

Seating ArrangementTypeWeight CapacityDimensions (LxWxH)Weight
Schwinn Turismo
Side by SideJogging50 lbs. each49" x 32.7" x 40"39 lbs.
BOB Revolution SE Duallie
Side by SideJogging / All-Terrain50 lbs. each52.5" x 30.5" x 40"34 lbs.
InStep Safari Twin Jogging Stroller
Side by SideJogging50 lbs. each49" x 32.3" x 40"37 lbs.
Baby Trend Expedition Baby Stroller
Side by SideJogging50 lbs. each46" x 31.5" x 42"32.5 lbs.
BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller
Side by SideJogging50 lbs. each54.7" x 30.5" x 40"34 lbs.
InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger
Side by SideJogging50 lbs. each53" x 32" x 40"24 lbs.
BOB Strides Duallie
Side by SideJogging / All-Terrain50 lbs. each52.5" x 30.5" x 40"34 lbs.
Baby Jogger Summit X3
Side by SideJogging / All-Terrain50 lbs. each43" x 32" x 40"36.2 lbs.

Jogging Stroller vs. Regular Stroller

Simply put, walking with your stroller is a totally different experience compared to jogging or running with it. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a jogging stroller if you think you’ll be doing some running or fast paced movements while pushing your child.

1. Safety
With our children, there is nothing more important than safety. Their health and welfare are of utmost importance. Jogging strollers have been refined over the years not just to have the conveniences like added cup holder and extra space, they are more safe for our kids since they’re made to endure the extra bumps, curbs and possibly potholes we may run into as we workout. They’re equipped with reliable safety harnesses, larger wheels and extra shock absorbing features that keep our children not only comfortable but safer even when we are moving fast.

2. Extra Shock Absorption
Most double jogging strollers are equipped with shock systems, either in the rear or both the front and rear wheel mechanisms. These act to lessen the jolting movement when we go through uneven surfaces. Overall, these types of baby strollers are built to work efficiently on different surfaces, as well as areas that are not entirely flat.

3. Larger, Wider Wheels
A lot of the extra stability of jogging strollers have to do with the size of the wheels and their design. These baby carriers come with 3-wheel designs that make them ideal for turning while moving at a fast pace, something 4-wheeled strollers aren’t as adept in doing.

Most double jogging strollers come with 16 or 20 inch wheels, with some using a combination of both. The wheels are also wider. The extra size and girth make them able to keep pace with you as you run, as well as keep the stroller in a steady stable position, preventing any risk of tipping over.

Finally, you’ll find that most of these strollers have a front wheel locking mechanism. This lets you lock the wheel to only face forward while you run, and unlock it to swivel mode when used for walking. This keeps you and your child safer when jogging and makes for more convenient turning when taking a leisurely walk.

4. Hand Brakes
When jogging or running, speed control is essential. The hand brakes let you control how fast it moves so you stay at a steady pace and are able to make a quick stop if anything pops up in front of you. Brakes are most useful when downhill since it lets you slow the stroller down so you don’t have to chase it.

5. Easy to Use
Today’s double jogging strollers come with all the amenities you need. One of the most convenient features if they fold down into small units making them easy to transport after you’ve taken in your running session or want to store them away. They also come with canopies for sun protection and rain screens to shield your children from rain.

Our Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

Schwinn TurismoFirst in our best double jogging stroller reviews is the Schwinn Turismo. One of the first things you’ll noticed when pushing it is how light it feels. It also comes with features that will make your jogging sessions a breeze.

The 12 inch front wheel and 16 inch wheel in the rear make this possible since you get to cover more distance with less pushing effort. In case you’re wondering why the wheels look similar in style to those in bicycles, that’s because Schwinn is a renowned bike maker.

The Turismo comes with convenient cup holders so that lets you stay hydrated during your workout and extra child-size cup holders for their bottles and beverages. And, of course, it also comes with a handy snack tray for chips or cookies to keep them occupied during the run.

Another neat feature this stroller has is its handlebar-mounted, front-wheel lock. The handle bars come with a rubber grip to prevent slipping when my hands perspire and a spring supported suspension for a smooth ride. The all-aluminum frame folds away neatly for storage.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Duallie StrollerNext on our double jogging stroller reviews is the BOB Revolution SE Duallie. We like it because it is specifically built for jogging and fitness enthusiasts. BOB, which stands for Beast of Burden, specializes in a number of fitness baby gear, and the Revolution SE Duallie is one of their all-terrain capable, sport strollers.

This unit it lightweight, and you can deploy it or fold it away is a cinch. In fact you can do it all with the push of a single button. The front wheel has two settings, one for jogging (locked in position) and one for walking (swivel mode). Switching between the two modes is also simplified by the use of a single conveniently located button.

The Revolution also comes with a handy wrist strap for safety, so that the stroller doesn’t accidentally get away from me while jogging. It also has an adapter for attaching the BOB car seat, and for attaching a snack tray. The seat is well padded and adjusts to different positions for enhanced riding comfort, while the padded safety harness keeps my child safely tucked in.

InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller

InStep Safari Double StrollerBuilt for those who have twins or kids that are close in age, the Safari stroller has trays for both you and dual cup holders for the kids. This twin jogger has convenient canopies so that you don’t have to raise both of them when it isn’t necessary. The Safari comes with a convenient trigger operated folding mechanism that makes storing it away easy when you want to get it into the back of the car or store it.

Like those earlier in our reviews, this InStep baby carrier gives you the option of locking the front wheel or leaving it set to swivel. The rubber grips on the handle bars protects against slipping even when you have wet hands. For parents who want to work out while watching their kids, the Safari gets our vote as one of the best double jogging stroller choices in the market today.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Double StrollerAmong our double jogging stroller reviews, the Baby Trend Expedition ranks among the cheapest fitness baby carrier options. Priced just below $200, it is slightly less costly compared to the excellent valued Schwinn Turismo.

This unit lets you get back in shape while allowing your kids to get exposed to the outside world. While it doesn’t come with the sleek look as some of the models we’ve covered earlier in our reviews, it comes with excellent features to keep them safe and comfortable.

The Expedition uses of pneumatic tires makes for an extremely smooth ride and the swivel front wheel makes navigation effortless. These come with similar structural strength like those used in bicycles, where they reinforce the rubber and use compressed air, preventing blow-outs or getting punctured during your run.

It also has an adjustable canopy that clips into place for multiple settings and a convenient organizer tray with double cup holders so your my babies can play and drink while your workout.

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

BOB Ironman Duallie StrollerThe name says it all. This BOB stroller model is built to withstand the outdoors. It comes equipped with a lightweight, heavy duty frame that’s made to handle long distances. There is extra padding on the seats to make sure that bumps don’t bother the little ones.

As with the BOB Revolution mentioned above in our reviews, the Ironman Duallie uses mini shock absorbers on the rear of the unit. This softens any jolts, humps or bumps that you may encounter while your do your training, keeping the kids compfortable.

This BOB double stroller rolls effortlessly whether you jog or run and the conveniently located handle bar brake made stopping on hills hassle free. Compared with the other BOB models, this one is built for serious runners or those who plan to jog or run long distances. The front wheel, unlike the others, is fixed, so you can make it swivel. This makes it more adept at letting you move at a steady pace and fitted if you do more training and less walking.

The sturdy frame folds away in two simple steps. It has dual independently adjusting canopies and, if you like, you could even attach a BOB companion car seat or snack tray to it with the handy adapter. But best of all, the seats and harnesses are padded for comfort, not to mention very secure. This is reassuring when you go on a long run.

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