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If you have a growing family and are in need of a double stroller then the Britax B-Agile Double comes highly recommended. That is if you are looking for something sturdy, stable and built for two with a lot of agility. It is nice and light and you won’t have to worry about fitting it through even standard sized doorways. It is so light that you can even steer it with one hand. It is easy to fold, you’ve guessed it, with one hand and it fits into the smallest boot space relatively easily. It has nice deep and comfortable seats for your two little ones. The reason for this must be, because it was built with a larger family like yours in mind. You are probably wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing this stroller can be possibly be. Included for your convenience please see the pros and cons listed below:
Britax B-Agile Double

Key Features

  • This stroller have a good usage range as it can be used for babies until they are well into their toddler years, which is normally around 4 years of age.
  • Easy to assemble from unboxing to full assembly in under five minutes as all the components just snaps-on.
  • Included you will find trademarked detachable CLICK & GO adapters which enables you to create a travel system.
  • The chassis probably play a part in the weight saving as it’s lightweight and made of aluminum.
  • It has deep seats with multiple recline positions for added comfort and private space for your toddlers
  • The fold locker is an easy one pull automatic one, which makes storage easy and convenient.
  • It can easily fit through any standard sized doorway, which means that you can take your kids wherever you go.
  • Whether you are planning trips on smooth or bumpy terrain the built-in suspension system ensure a smooth ride.
  • The shoulder straps are height adjustable from the back, with a knob that can be moved up or down and it comes with a five point safety harness. The straps can be adjusted without retreading and treading the entire strap system – very convenient.
  • The swivel front wheels can easily be attached by snapping them on and are also lockable for travelling straight.
  • The handle bar is softly padded for comfort with a triangle in the middle for easy one-hand steering. It is fully height adjustable by pressing buttons located on the inside at either side of the handle bars.
  • Located at the back and fully detachable from the canopy are two large bags, one on either side. Big enough for medium sized teddy bear to comfortably fit in there.
  • There are easy accessible pic-a-boo mesh windows on top of each canopy as well as behind the detachable bags for ventilation.
  • A big shopping basket located at the undercarriage can be accessed from either side and from the front through the footrests (as the footrests can be unzipped and open up to the front of the basket) – really neat.
  • The tires are completely puncture resistant, which means that it is an all-terrain friendly double stroller.
  • It includes a hassle-free braking system which is controlled by a foot operated lever next to the back wheels.
  • As easily as the wheel can snap on they can be removed for more compact folding.
  • It is car seat compatible.

Safety Features and Key Benefits

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

  • The built-in suspension ensure a smooth right on bumpy terrain.
  • Five-point safety harness with height adjustable straps make sure that your little ones are safe and comfortable for any trip.
  • Lockable front wheels ensure a smooth ride when travelling straight on a bumpy terrain.
  • All-terrain friendly tires that is also puncture resistant.
  • Foot operated braking system next to the back wheel for convenient parking.
  • Softly padded handle bar with a triangle in the middle for one-handed care-free steering.
  • Storage will be no concern with ample storage space from two large bags behind both seats to an easily accessible large basket at the undercarriage. Which means no storage hassles with this compact stroller.

About the Brand

Britax a global childcare manufacturer was founded in 1938. For over forty years Britax has been at the heart of passenger safety. Today they are one of the leading brands of premium range child and mobility products worldwide.

Overall Review and Verdict

It is a compact easy to fold, lightweight double stroller with an affordable price tag. It provides a smooth ride with sporty good looks. The wheel design makes maneuverability easy and even one-handed steering comfortable. It is compact and easy to fold with one hand, which makes storage in your car a breeze. The generous sunshade/canopy is easy to open and close with big pic-a-boo windows and enough ventilation for your little ones. The Britax B-Agile is ideal for taking your babies along when going out shopping as it has a lot of easy to access packing space.

 Customer Reviews

Big enough but not too big
I decided to take the plunge and buy the big guy because I have two babies under two and my arms needed a break! I did a lot of research on doubles and I just didnt want one kid to be stuck behind the other looking at the backside of the seat. Hence the side by side! This thing folds up great, isn't too heavy, is a life-saver for our family when we travel which is a ton, and the best part is that it really does fit through all doorways. It's not going to be the exact same as a single so expect to do some maneuvering while walking around crowded areas or whatever. Still great storage space underneath and I click my mommy handle on and my drink/key/phone holder on the straps and I'm good to go.Katelel
Beautiful stroller, but....
Its an absolutely beautiful stroller. Its lightweight compared to others we tested. Its a very easy,smooth ride. My twins like it. I love the storage space and being able to add items through the front under the leg rests. My husband is 6'4 so the adjustable handle is perfect for him and he doesnt have to slouch at all to push it. Its fits into our minivan just fine. My only real complaint is that, for the price paid (several hundred) the child trays should come with the purchase and not have to be bought seperately. It does take up more space if the strollers folded with the child trays attached. Other than that, its a great buy.Twingers
easy to lift and fold
I bought this stroller over a year ago and it still looks brand new. I have grandchildren 3yr and 2 yr and it is easy to maneuver, the sun shade cover does protect them from the sun and/or wind and I love how easy it is to shorten or lengthen the straps.bev2
Best double stroller!
I am able to have both kids in a stroller that fits through a single doorway easily!!! My kids love it, especially the canopy to "keep the sun out." Also, love the ease of folding/collapsing it and how compact it becomes. I can still fit lots of stuff in my car trunk with it!Patty
love it
Just opened this up and the quality is wonderful, as expected by britax. It was easy to assemble- no tools needed, everything popped into place. Rolls really smooth and has lots of storage. My little boy has been climbing in it all day wanting me to push him around the house. The seats aren't as big as what I thought. My 2 year old is extremely small for his age (27lbs and 33 inches tall) and he doesn't have much wiggle room at all or head room, but like i said, he seems super comfortable in it. It does NOT fit through our front door or bedroom doors. I'm not sure what size they are, but i wasn't thrilled about that. It would have been nice if it came with a cup holder or tray and you didn't have to buy separate, but I knew this before buying it, so no big deal. I would recommend it!samantha
Britax b agile
I have a newborn and a three year old works great for us. The only thing is the canopy. They are to low. My three year old can almost touch it with her headMamachocolate
Smooth ride; quality construction
We are happy with it. It is easy to fold, and the sun shades actually work. There is ample storage underneath and in the pouches behind the seats. It strolls smoothly and locks easily. My only issue is that it is slightly too small for my oldest. He is five years old and 46 inches tall. He can fit, but he has to squeeze.Sk0772
Great For Twins!!!!! I feel compelled to write this.
I am a mom of 4. I purchased this for my twins, #3 & 4, when they were 1 years of age. They are almost two now. THIS STROLLER IS THE BEST STROLLER THAT I HAVE EVER OWNED!!!!!!! It looks too wide to go through the smallest looking of doorways and IT IS AN OPTICAL ILLUSION. The stroller fits perfectly!!!!!!! It's easy to maneuver, lite weight, folds easily, great on all terrain except the beach, etc. I recommend this to a twin momMomma of 4
Disappointed is the best way to describe this stroller. We had the Britax B-Agile Travel System for my daughter and it was great. Lightweight, easy to open and move, and convenient with the baby carrier easily fitting on the stroller and allowing you to cover your baby from the elements. Everything that made the single stroller great, the double stroller does not have. The stroller is quite heavy and not easy to maneuver in and out of your vehicle. It is difficult to navigate through some doorways. It will fit through them, but you often have to hit an awkward angle to make it through. Finally, the most disappointing feature is that the baby carrier options. The carrier fits, but it is impossible to cover the carrier with the hood and it is also quite difficult to get the hood over our toddler in the other seat. On top of all of this, we have to re-buy the accessories for the new stroller. The old tray doesn't fit. Overall, it seems like Britax was lazy this time around in hopes of cashing in on people who had the single stroller. A word to those shopping, there are other double strollers that your Britax car seat will fit in! Shop around! We will definitely be looking at a different brand for future car seat/stroller decisions with our next child.jeff48313
product does not support infant car seats anymore
I just purchased this stroller thinking that they had adapters to install a infant car seat. I watched several Youtube reviews that shows it was possible to attach one. Not knowing that they changed the 2017 version. I purchased the stroller and a car seat along with an extra base. The description on the Britax site is misleading. It says from age 0-5. Seeing that you would think it should be able to accept and car seat.paramy
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