Cheap Double Strollers

Most twin strollers will easily cost you over $200. Here we take a look at some of the top cheap double strollers available with all of them costing $150 or less. What this means is that while there are many expensive models out there, you need not spend that much money to get a good value product.

Here are some excellent affordable double strollers that are great for the little ones and parents alike, since they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Our Reviews of the Best Cheap Double Strollers

Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller

Delta Children City Street Side by Side StrollerWe kick off our best cheap double strollers with Delta’s City Street stroller. The construction of this stroller is very sturdy, yet it is lightweight, as well as compact in detail. This means, as quickly as you assemble it for use, you can just as easily store it away with its umbrella folding ability.

The Delta Children Stroller is known for both its overall style and safety combined in a light 19 pound package. This side by side stroller can fit through standard 2.5 ft. wide doorways, has 2 large canopies and is equipped with a couple of large storage bags. It is very functional, elegant in its own way, and also very handy. Most importantly, it is designed, with both the child and adult in mind.

Dream on Me Twin Stroller

Dream On Me Double Twin StrollerThe Dream on Me Double Stroller is another product that comes in under $150. This is another umbrella style lightweight design with plenty of storage space for all of baby’s essentials.

It is also very good at handling both uneven road and pavement very well, while keeping the youngsters buckled in safely and comfortably as you travel about with them.

This stroller is also very sturdy, safe, and comes complete with a five point safety harness and a rear wheel brake. It is a double stroller that is totally adjustable and has full reclining seats. Equipped with individual canopies, the little ones are protected from the UV rays of the sun and any bad weather.

Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Umbrella Stroller

Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All Weather StrollerThe Jeep Wrangler Sport is billed as an all-weather baby stroller. It is very easy to set up or fold down making it a good model to use when traveling. This Jeep offering is very compact and lightweight with a lot of the accessories, including the canopies detachable.

This lets you take out the different add-ons that aren’t needed at the time and strap them back on when they’re needed. It is designed with lots of comfort in mind for little ones and lots of real convenience for adults.

The reclining seats are very quick to set up making it fast to prepare for when it’s time for the babies to take their naps. The 3 set double wheels make it very maneuverable and despite being light in weight, it is built to be very durable and capable of handling all sorts of weather very good.

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem StrollerNext on our list of cheap double strollers is the Joovy Caboose. The sit and stand design lets you travel around with both an older toddler and a young baby all by using the very same stroller.

The main feature of this stroller is the fact that it is much more compact than the bulkier double strollers commonly found in the market. This not only lets you use less effort in pushing and carrying it but also makes for a smaller folded unit.

The Joovy Caboose comes with a standing/seating platform for toddlers over the age of two and a half years old. While the front-facing baby seat can also accommodate various infant car seats, as well. This lets your kids have a very comfortable ride. It complete with safety harnesses in both front and back of the stroller itself to make sure you have peace of mind.

Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller

Graco Room for 2 Classic Connect and Click Connect Stand and Ride StrollerThe Graco RoomFor2 is among the most popular double stroller that doesn’t come with an expensive price tag. Built for walking and running errands with two kids in tow it lets your older child decide what they want to do by giving them the option to sit or stand in the back platform.

The front and back seats are sturdy enough to hold two children, each up to 50 pounds each. This stand on stroller also lets you choose the recline position as there are a number of them available. This means you can move it to where baby feels most comfortable when nap time comes.

One of the best features of these types of strollers is they fit your children as they grow in age. In terms of seating and keeping the kids in place, the RoomFor2 uses a 3 to 5 point safety harness in the front part of the stroller, which can be adjusted, and will adapt very well with your child as they get older.

The back seat has a three-point safety harness for the padded bench. This wonderful stroller comes with a good number of features, and is perfect for different age tots, giving them the trip of their lives in comfort and style with a big smile.

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