Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

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Brand Name Graco
Model 6L14DGF3
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If you are expecting twins or already have a little one and another one on the way, a double stroller is the perfect way to transport multiple children. Though there are many different brands and styles to choose from, the Graco DuoGlider stroller may be the best choice.

Graco DuoGlider Overwiew

This stroller is easy to assemble, has wonderful seating, easy to clean, navigates smoothly, provides lots of storage space and folds with just one hand for easy storage. Compared to other options available, not many strollers can hold a candle to the Graco Duoglider stroller.

Assembling the Stroller

After purchasing the stroller some assembly is required. For those who dread assembling anything this may be a setback. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. Assembly is quick and easy. There isn’t much needed to it and it should take half an hour or less to get the entire unit ready to go.

Instructions are included and simple to follow. Most of the parts snap in place, but for the wheels and axles you should use a hammer to gently secure the axles and wheels in place. If done correctly, assembly should be quick and simple.


The most important feature of any stroller is the seating. Able to hold up to forty pounds each, the front and back seats are comfortable and well supported. For the children who like to sleep while you walk, the front seat reclines to about a seventy-five degree angle, and the back seat reclines all the way down.

For ultimate relaxation and protection from the sun both seats are equipped with their own foot rest and shade. If the child needs a snack while riding there is a tray for both seats available. To help the child sitting in the back seat have a better view you can simply raise the back seat up a little. It is also possible to attach two Graco infant car seats to the stroller’s seats. This is perfect for little children or infants who aren’t big enough to safely be seated in the standard stroller just yet.

Pushing and Maneuvering

Due to the durable, swivel wheels in front this stroller is easy to maneuver. Since the seats are located in the front and back this stroller can fit through tight spaces, especially doors. Because of it’s compact size you can take this stroller anywhere, including the supermarket. With these types of strollers, where you have one seat in front of the other seat, it helps to have the smaller child sit in front since this makes maneuvering easier because there is less weight. This also helps when you have to prop up the stroller to get up curbs.

Storage Space

Of all the features found in this stroller the storage space is the most popular. Underneath the stroller is a big, easy accessible basket that can fit diaper bags, blankets, toys, or anything else needed for the trip. Without disturbing any of the children one can easily reach into the storage to get what is needed.

Not only is there a basket underneath, but there is also a convenient parents’ tray near the handles. This tray is equipped with a deep cup holder and a place to hold wallet, keys, or anything important item the parent doesn’t want to lose. With the wonderful storage found on this stroller one could pack a whole picnic for fun in the park.

Folding up the Graco DuoGlider

When the fun is done and it’s time to go home you can easily fold this stroller and store it in the trunk. Before folding the stroller make sure everything is out, canopies are pushed back to the handle, and seats are in the upright position.

Once you’re ready, just pull the lever on the front seat, twist the handle, and push the stroller forward to close it. If done right this should only require one hand, and the unit will fold down to a much more manageable size.

Product Highlights:

  • Holds 2 children up to 40lbs each.
  • Stadium-style seating boosts the rear child for a better view.
  • 2 reclining seats with canopies and footrests.
  • Rear seat reclines flat, for baby’s comfort.
  • 3-point harness for a snug fit.
  • One-hand, self-standing fold with storage latch makes stowing it a snap.
  • Lockable front swivel wheels with suspension for superior maneuverability.
  • Extra-large basket for easy storage and removal.
  • Parent’s tray with storage and cup holder for on-the-go convenience.
  • Front child’s tray with cup holder removes for no-fuss stroller entry.

Graco DuoGlider Stroller Review Summary

Maneuverable, easy to assemble and fold, and comfortable seating for little passengers, The Graco DuoGlider is equipped with great storage place, foot rests, and canopies for a fun-filled trip. Infant car seats could also be attached if needed. What else could a mother of two young children need? Of all the choices in duo strollers, the Graco Duoglider stroller is definitely one of the top double stroller options available.

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 Customer Reviews

Fits all my needs
I am really satisfied and happy with this stroller. I would have liked more footrest room on the front seat. Pushes so easy, is very comfortable for children. I look forward to going everywhere with it. If I had to choose all over again I would make the same choice!Ginnybeez
Great for bigger kids too!
I love this stroller! I bought it specifically for a vacation we were taking, and it exceeded my expectations. This is the only stroller that I could find that had a basket deep enough, as well as a canopy big enough to fit my really tall toddler. He still had plenty of room. I think my vacation was better because of the stroller. Both of my kids loved being in it! I would recommend this to everyone! It is easy to maneuver, and folds really flat! Great, great product!spinklily
excellent two seated stroller
1. arrived earlier then delivery date
2. its really handy when you have two little ones
3. would defiantly recommend this to family and friendsRanita07

Great buy, Very Easy to put together, My babies (2 year old & 3 month old) Fit comfy, Easy Access to both children, Easy to fold away 1 handed... Best Investment for me to keep both children organized... Loved the huge basket for all items mine included. It'll last me till both kids are independant. =)Julijulz
Started searching for a "vertical"stroller... didnt know what tandem meant... lol.... anyways... the cost for strollers is ridiculous. Side by side strollers appeared to be more appealing until I realized that the whole point was to get out of the front door with one....

Used it this past holiday, worked perfectly. Loved that it stands up independently and it is very easy to close and open... to open you have to press the button on the handle but remember to unlatch the black strap on the side. Its sturdy enough for an 9 month and 2 1/2 yr old. They loved it!!! WOuld definitely recommend for the price. I was going back in forth between another tandem stroller, but I didnt want to have to fool with taking off wheels when taking it out of and putting it into the vehicle. Its bulky, but manageable.. I mean its for two kiddies. IF they could make the tray removable it would be fantastic.... Not bigger than a regular high end stroller though... Great Buy. You need to get this.tiredoftryingtopickname
awsome stroller for a mom on the go with two kids
I love it, it is so convenient for me having two kids and always on the go especially in the stores and at the mall My three year old always try's to run off and my almost one year old just changed car seats to the big boy one but I still have a lot of bags to carry so the basket helps holds all the jackets, blankets, bags, and toys from the theme parks. and I love that the stroller has a tray on both seats I had another stroller and that was a hassle not having a tray for both kids cause they both want snacks and I had to feed one and stop everywhere to do it so it was very time consuming for me. I also love the fact that the stroller comes with a shade cover for both kids I live in Virginia and during the summer time and being out in about its so hot so I love the fact that it has the for them and it covers the both of them so comfortable and there is so much room so my kiddos wont feel squashed. thank you so much walmartTiffinae

This stroller rides so smoothly. Its great for my newborn and 1 year old. The back seat reclines flat, so they sleep comfortably. I love this stroller! And the colors are a lot darker in person, which I was definitely even more pleased with. Plus, it was a good price.HotScorpion
Great stroller and great price
This stroller looks beautiful!!! Very easy assembly and easy to operate. When not in use it folds up nicely and is lightweight. Would highly recommend this product and also the matching infant seats.doubleisbetter

I love my new stroller.Light to push and manuver with the weight of two children. I was disappointed in the second seat, not having a cup holder. The stroller has a cup holder in front for one child, and a cup holder for myself, but my second child has nowhere to put his cup. I noticed in the booklet that some have them and some don't. So, what, its whatever the packer throuws in the box? I could have sworn that when I read all the features of this stroller it said cupholders for both children. This issue is on Graco though, not Walmart. Other than that, I am very happy with how my order went by purchase on internet and shipping. Thank you Walmart for making it so easy for me to purchase and cheap to have delivered. Saved me time and gas money by not going everywhere to look for it.AnnaLuvMamaOf2

Great stoller, works perfect for my newborn and one year old. However, it was difficult to open up. We really have to pull hard to open it up each time. Also, we did have to buy a new car seat because it only accepts graco classic connect and we just had a graco one. One last thing, it took a while for me to figure out that you have to lay the back seat flat in order to get the carseat to fit in, but maybe I'm just bad at setting things up! Overall, it's a great stroller and I would recommend it!!Jb12345

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