Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Double Stroller

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When you have kids one next to the other, or even a couple of years apart, you’ll want to skip the standard strollers that have space for only one seat. After all, what are you going to do with the other guy? Carrying them would be an option but difficult specially if you have some tasks to do like grocery.

One of the best solutions will be to get double strollers. A lot of parents will recommend jogging strollers today because they offer you the ability to go running with your child. But what if you don’t jog? A good option would be a tandem style stroller with a sit and stand option. In that regard the Graco Ready2Grow stands out.

Graco Ready2Grow Features

Standard Width that Fits Anywhere
First of all, we like the fact that, even though it was a double stroller, it had stacked seating, so it wouldn’t present any problems getting in and out of doors. This tandem design makes it more convenient compared to side by side models that are wider. The smaller width can be an important feature if you need to travel through narrower aisles or door paths. Some store doors will not accommodate the lateral double strollers.

Tons of Seating Configurations
12 Riding OptionsWe also like the fact that this specific Graco offering has so many different seating options. This is one of the most by our count and among our reviews. In total 12 ways the kids can sit. You can turn both seats facing away from you, or have the littlest one in the top rear seat facing you. We really like this setup since it gives you the opportunity to interact with them as you walk. Of course, the product’s box says there are actually 12 different seating configurations, although we haven’t experimented with all of them yet, they do have images of how the kids can sit or stand so you can visualize it.

Compatible with Infant Car Seats
Graco Ready2Grow CarSeatsWe were also glad to know that you could buy the optional Graco car seats and attach them to the stroller. They fit perfectly and attaching them was a snap.

Now, when you go shopping all you have to do is put the little ones in their car seats so when you arrive at the mall, all you have to do is attach the car seats to the stroller and voila! You’re ready to go.

Steady Front Wheels and Suspension
We also like the double swivel wheels on the front. Graco installed them that way since the front wheels take the brunt of the movement so having two side by side wheels makes the setup more durable as well as added strength. The swiveling tires make steering easily that you can practically do it with one hand. For your kids’ comfort, there are mini suspensions right above the front tires and the seats and harnesses are nicely padded to make them as child friendly as possible.

The suspension system in this stroller is fantastic. When you’re out with your babies, they’ll be able to rest well and not be disturbed by every little bump or imperfection in the sidewalk.

Stand On Option
Graco Ready2Grow rear platformOne of the 12 seating variations lets you remove the Graco Ready2Grow’s top seat to expose a nice standing platform on the back for toddlers. By the time your older child likes to walk, they’ll be begging to ride on the platform. This will give you the option to let them stand or ride on the back.

The platform is sturdy and designed to hold up to 50 lbs., so he’ll have plenty of joyful days riding back there.

Assembly and Folding
As mentioned there is some assembly needed. But it isn’t much of an issue since the process is simple and straightforward. The fact that it was relatively easy to assemble was a bit of a pleasant surprise too. The fact that it was lightweight made it even less of a hassle.

Folding it up and deploying are both quick and painless. The entire process only takes two steps and can be done with one hand.

Product Highlights

  • Face Time rear seat for more interaction with baby
  • Front stroller seat holds child up to 50 lbs./rear stroller seat holds child up to 40 lbs./ toddler bench seat & standing platform hold child up to 50lbs.
  • Multi-position, reclining front seat for baby’s comfort
  • Convertible 3 or 5-point harness grows with your child
  • Padded bench seat for older child
  • 12 riding options from infant to youth
  • Removable rear seat for access to bench seat & standing platform
  • One-hand standing fold with storage latch, no bending necessary
  • Lockable front swivel wheels with suspension for superior maneuverability
  • Large storage basket
  • Parent tray with pivoting cup holder
  • Removable child’s tray
  • Toddler bench seat lifts for basket access
  • Accepts two Graco Classic Connect Infant Car Seats

Graco Ready2Grow Review Summary

Overall, we highly recommend the Graco Ready2Go double stroller for parents who want a lot of versatility in their stroller; as well as one that is lightweight, and easy to carry and store. The Ready2Grow comes in some nice colors too, most of them in the black and brown shade with different color linings like light blue, red and gray.

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 Customer Reviews

Pleasantly surprised
Love the stroller so far. I've taken it out with my three year old and 3 month old now a few times. I like how easy it is to set up and get the kids in and out of. I was a little worried after reading other reviews saying it was heavy but being fairly short I'm fairly comfortable lifting this in and out of my suv.PaulinaK
Double stroller
A great product, my daughter loves the one I bought for her. With a two year old and newborn. She said it is easy to use.Ms Brown
very good
Strolling a fun day
This stroller will certainly accommodate the two kids it says. Super lightweight, easy to assemble, the fold up space saving., lots of features to it. And color is great.Guadalupe
Works wonderfully for me!
I have a four month old and a two year old, and this stroller works wonderfully for us. It is bulky as others describe but, it's a double stroller so that's to be expected. I didn't think it was loud. I can once again take my kids out for walks which was my main goal in purchasing this stroller. I love it!Nickname
Mom of a toddler and newborn
Absolutely love this stroller. Works wonders for my family. My 3yr old loves the bench seat and that he can stand up. We frequently go to places that need a stroller. In the next few weeks we will be going to the zoo and its fairly large with lots of walking and having this with 2 young kids will help a lot.Cecily
Very nice, happy with it! One VERY SMALL issue.
Really enjoy this stroller! I have an almost 3yo who thuroughly enjoys sitting in the front. (40lbs and tall at 37”) I have a newborn that sits in the back. I only rated it a 4 out of 5 because our Graco Infant Snug ride 40 will not click in to the back. But for our uses it is okay! The other reviews talked about a small cupholder, which I can sympathize with. However, a large McDonalds cold drink fits snuggly, as do a regular water bottle. So I am not worried about that. I have a stroller organizer so I do not use my diaper bag in the center as much. But am happy to see there is room for toys and such for future park explorations!
Excited for the spring to really get to utilize this stroller to the max!

At 9mo pregnant I was able to set the stroller up on my own. I did need a philips head screwdriver for one section, but it was minor and not inconvenient. I was able to fold and unfold easily and was also able to find a nice place for storage in our very small house. It stands on it's own and is surprisingly easy to maneuver!

It fits easily in my Jeep Commander and our Lincoln Navigator. It does not take up much more area than a single seat stroller, which my husband was truly surprised with. I did take the front cup holder/snack tray off but that was because my toddler was using it to climb up on the stroller. It snaps easily back in place, so will use a piece of velcro or small bungie cord to keep it together with the stroller when not in use.

I am 5'3” and it fits me perfectly to manuever. My husband is 6'1” and does trip up a bit. However every single stroller we have purchased he has this issue. (Running stroller, single stroller, etc) Again, definitely not a dealbreaker for us!

As with all plastic wheeled strollers, when trying to go over cracks in sidewalks more than 1/2” or similar rock sizes, it will stop suddenly. Not singled to just this stroller. Happens with all of them. I am able to push on the handle and lift the front (much to my toddler's enjoyment) to get over such obsticles or can walk around the front and lift it over easily.

Truly excited to use it through the next few years!CaitiE
Love it, love the versatility
Easy to put together following Instructions. Very easy to fold up with the twist button on handle. Alot of storage space underneath which is a plus. I only have two negative things about this stroller. When my son rides in front his feet dangle even though there's a foot rest. Idk if it's because he is taller for his size, but that bothered me but not so much him. And the seat adjustment to recline I wish was made better, it mainly slides to lock in place even though there's a locking clip, I know from previous experience with another stroller my son broke it from slamming back in the stroller and this one is made just like that.. still new to the other seating operations, still need to try them out but my youngest 5 mons fits perfectly in car seat in the stroller..
Definitely keep in mind when pushing a stroller the weight capacity of your own kids loaded into a stroller.... It was smooth pushing, steering was good, but going over bumps and curbs give it that extra umph to push..Michele
Very nice but not perfect
This was a gift to my granddaughter, she states that is a little bulky but that should be expected. It would probably be even better if her 2 year old wasn't able to get in and out of it so easily. She would have given it a another 1/2 star if it were an option.Old one
It's a "meh" stroller, here's why:
It's a "meh" stroller, here's why:
1. The handles are too short you keep banging your feet on the brake foot rest. 2. the cup holders are NOT adult cup holders, they are kiddie cup holders. My water bottle or coffee cups don't fit.
3. It's very bulky and difficult to maneuver.
4. It says graco click connect but I can't seem to figure out how to use it with my car seat.

I give it a 2 because the only positive thing about it, is that it allowed me the freedom to push both my girls in tandem, that's it.Alexa

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