AmorosO 43483 Black Deluxe Double Stroller

Brand Name AmorosO
Model 43483 black
Rating ★★★½☆ 
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This is a beautiful and durable stroller that has a lightweight and stylish frame and is one of the lightest and most feature rich strollers on the marketT and C fabricTwo canopiesTwo seatsFit to car trunkEVA wheel - 8 x 7 In3 Point harness FitBoth seats 3 positions recliningWindow at rear canopyDimensions - 33 x 15 x 39 InItem Weight - 27 LbColor - Black.- SKU: AMRS026

AmorosO 43483 Black Deluxe Double Stroller
AmorosO 43483 Black Deluxe Double Stroller
O 43483 Black Deluxe Double Stroller
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 Customer Reviews

Momma of 2
I am so happy with this purchase! The stroller itself is very cute and very sturdy. My 3 year old can sit comfortably in the front while my infant can lounge in the back. As a mom trying to get back in shape this stroller gives just the right amount of resistance. Very happy!Alissa
My lady love this, she can seem to not to love it, it make it easy to do things with our kids when i am out of the house to work. she take em to the park. tell me how much this has made things easy on her.PeJay
Very satisfied
I love this double stroller. It works great for my newborn and three yr old. And it wasn't expensive.TXgirl

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