Dreambaby Stroller Hook 2 pk

Brand Name Dreambaby
Model L260
Rating ★★★★★ 
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Dreambaby Stroller Hooks are a brilliant tool for getting about your daily business while your child is in a pram or stroller. They can hold heavy duty items including handbags, shopping bags and much more, giving you free hands and reducing back pain

Dreambaby Stroller Hook 2 pkDreambaby Stroller Hook 2 pkDreambaby Stroller Hook 2 pkDreambaby Stroller Hook 2 pkDreambaby Stroller Hook 2 pk
Dreambaby Stroller Hook 2 pk
Soft, heavy-duty handle that clips easily onto almost every stroller
Padded handle creates friction and won't slide down
Contains two stroller hooks of different sizes, for even more convenience
Easily opens with one hand
Holds a great deal of weight including shopping bags, diaper bags, handbags and more
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 Customer Reviews

I'm amazed with quality of this, it's huge then I expected. It's worth the money ..Bushra
This is a product that can be used in so many different ways. Fantastic for attaching things to the stroller or backpack and the perfect on the go travel item! We take it wherever we go!Zachary
I bought this last week and it has been so useful. I can carry multiple bags and keep them separate. I use one for my diaper bag and one for my purse.Jenny

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