Joovy Caboose Too Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller, Black

Brand Name Joovy
Model 8167
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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Everything You Need When One Becomes Two Having more kids shouldn?t mean replacing your stroller. Joovy?s Caboose Too Tandem Stroller was designed for growing families and was built to get bigger. Even with its more than manageable size, the Caboose Too fits easily through doors and can hold up to 90 lbs. When your toddler outgrows the seat, just remove the rear seat and let him sit on the bench or stand on the platform. Joovy?s sit and stand stroller was built to last, with a strong aluminum frame, sealed bearing wheels that give it a one-handed push, and car seat adapters that even make it compatible for newborns.

Joovy Caboose Too Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller, BlackJoovy Caboose Too Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller, BlackJoovy Caboose Too Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller, Black
Joovy Caboose Too Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller, Black
Joovy Caboose Too Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller ? Black
Holds up to 90 lbs
Removable rear seat3-way reclining seats for naps on the go
Fits through doors and checkouts
Front seat safe for babies 3 months+ to 45 lbs
Includes rear bench seat and standing platform Bench seat and platform holds up to 45 lbs
Includes a Universal Car Seat Adapter (check compatibility)
You Save : $10.00Best Price

 Customer Reviews

In love!
We got this stroller because we have one daughter who is almost 4 and needs a seat at times, but loves her independence. We also have an almost 2 year old who needs to be strapped in. My oldest is able to walk by me until she is tired and simply take a seat when needed. My youngest is able to take a nap, have a snack and sit comfortably while out on walks or other outings.

The stroller itself is extremely lightweight and folds flat easily. I love that you can also add another seat on the back (if needed) for kids who are even closer in age. The sleeve at the top of the stroller is perfect to keep your water, cell phone, keys and wallet near and within reach. The space under the seats will hold your diaper bag easily as well as well as any other items you may need with you.

The shade coverage for both kids is huge for me. I love that we can be in direct sunlight and that my girls have enough shade and don't have to cover their faces. Overall this stroller is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone with multiple kids. It is big enough for your needs but not obtrusive. Its a high quality product and the Joovy team clearly thought of everything that a parent and little one would need when creating this amazing stroller!LauraDeznan
Its perfect! Not too big and lightweight.Maryann
I love how it folds small enough to fit on the security belt at the airport. My car seat can sit easily in it. The best for the price!Laura

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