Schwinn Turismo Double Swivel Stroller

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Brand Name Schwinn
Model 13-SC216
Rating ★★★★½ 
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If you are in the market for a jogging stroller, there are many types and styles to choose from. Most brands offer roughly the same types of features, with a few variations. In this article, we review one of the most popular dual seat jogging strollers, the Schwinn Turismo Double Jogger.

The Schwinn Turismo is available as a single or double seater, but we will focus on the double here. There are a few key features that separate it from other strollers, and some characteristics that are industry standard.

Seating Configuration and Capacity

When dealing with double strollers, the seating arrangements can vary. Some come in the tandem design where the kids sit one in front of the other. Others on the other hand, offer expansion capabilities with a snap-in seat, though these styles generally have a lower weight seating capacity limit. The Turismo comes with double seats built-in, arranged in a side by side configuration. This is the seating arrangement you want when looking for jogging strollers since they offer better stability.

There is enough space to accommodate two children, each up to 50 lbs. And two pivoting trays with built in cup holders are available, one for the parents and one for the children. An MP3 speaker is built into the seating area so the kids can be soothed by music as you jog.

A few parents have complained about the speaker’s quality, but most praise the mini sound system. This Schwinn stroller also has a basket underneath for storage, though the basket has a divider down the middle so a large diaper bag may not fit.

Build and Construction

The Turismo’s frame is built with heavy duty aluminum and is advertised as being very light but sturdy. Do note that the stroller still weighs 34 lbs., which can be a little bulky for some. We do like the weight as it lets you control it better compared to ultra lightweight models.

This jogging stroller is easy to push and maneuver, but may have some trouble fitting through doors due to its width, mainly because it allocates a good bit of space for the kids to sit.

Folding the Schwinn Turismo

Schwinn Turismo FoldedTo fold the unit when not in use or for transport, you use the dual-trigger folding mechanism. This system is designed such that it prevents accidental folding during use. Carrying handles are built in, which is designed such that one person can easily handle.

Handling and Control

This stroller does take the height of the parent into consideration. It offers an adjustable rubberized handle with a slip-resistant grip, with a wrist strap included. There is not a hand brake on this model, which is one detractor, but it does have the control to lock the front wheel on the handlebar, which is a perk. The brakes on the wheels are not linked, and must be engaged individually.


One thing to consider when looking at jogging strollers is the front wheel. The Schwinn Turismo comes with a 12″ swivel wheel. The swivel allows for greater flexibility when turning and maneuvering, whether it be around potholes or through a crowd.

It also will lock straight if you do not need the turning ability giving you a more rigid, safe unit, specially when you’re moving at a fast pace like running, brisk walking or jogging.

The tires themselves are extra thick and cushion the frame, allowing for a smoother ride. There is shock absorber suspension system that you can see on the back of the unit to lessen vibration and sudden bumps.

The rear wheels are 16″ diameter. Depending on the size of your trunk, you may need to remove the tires to fold the unit to fit in the back of your car. But with a good sized trunk, you can fit it perfectly well in the trunk with the wheels intact.

Seating Comfort for Your Kids

Most strollers offer a sun canopy, and this one is no different. It offers independent canopies for each child. Each is completely retractable, and has 5 different position settings. Seat covers are also included for warmth and comfort. These are removable and washable.

To keep you children in secure while in motion, 5 point harnesses make sure that they are held in place at all times.

About the Company – Schwinn

A big consideration when looking at this stroller is the name, and the customer service. Schwinn has been around for along time, and is an established name. Their customer service department has gotten good reviews as well. They are easy to talk to and accommodating. If anything breaks they are very willing to send you replacement pieces.

Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller Review Summary

Overall, this product seems to fit the bill as a good quality, economical choice for a double jogger. It is appropriate for age 6 months and up, however children over about age 3 might be a bit too tall. It seems to hold up well after repeated long-term use, and has a good customer service system to back the product.

 Customer Reviews

Great Stroller
I bought this stroller after spending over a month looking through many reviews and comments made by others. I compared it to other brands that some cost way more and others less. But none had all the great features this Schwinn had for the price!! My twin grandsons and their parents love it..Floral12
Great Stroller
After seeing my friend's toddler in their BOB double jogger, I was worried about finding a stroller where my child's head does not brush the shade above his head when it is folded back. This is not a problem at this time with this stroller. My son is 3 and about 33-35lbs. I like that the stroller easily rolls across grass. We have not tried it on really rough terrain. Our son can get in and out of the stroller easily by himself. Although, this is when he is not strapped in. I don't know if he can squeeze and release the clasps.
My friend with the BOB stroller and I both feel the metal that the parent tray fits between has ends that could be finished off a bit better. But it's really no big deal. Schwinn has improved the under seat storage from ones made in the past. Another friend has an older stroller where the storage compartment drags the ground. Improvements have been made with the storage being divided and a bottom put in each side. I do wish that the parent tray had a larger compartment in which I could enclose my iPhone. But hey-the parent tray is included, unlike some other strollers! There are speakers, but I haven't tried those yet. And this stroller does get complimented!SchwinnDriver
Love this stroller!
Very lightweight, great for running. Has rubber inserts in the drink holders for better gripping. Seats are comfy for the kiddos and has great head room. Love running with this stroller!Bnikki50
Quick and Simple Assembly
Product ships almost completely assembled. Took less than 15 minutes to have this double jogging stroller out cruising the sidewalk. My wife, boys and I love it.2BabysDaddy
Great for the price
We had a BOB single stroller, which we love! When we had our second child, we didn't want to spend the money for the double BOB. We researched different strollers and decided on this one! It rolls great and is very sturdy. It would be great if it had an infant attachment. We were able to put our one month old in it, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing anything more than walking and I keep it on smooth surfaces. The other thing is that the seats don't fully recline.Sleepsack
Great Stroller
I purchased this stroller as a request fromson and daughter in law. Assembly was easy and they said it is nicer than they expected. They are very happy with their choice!Dougas
As described
I was looking for a reasonably priced, lightweight double jogging strolling to take my 3 yo and 2 yo for evening runs. The stroller is a bit heavy for older kids, but it has all the amenities to make for a comfortable run with the kids. The locking swivel wheel is easy to use, and I love that I can control it from the handle bar. The adjustable handle bar is perfect for all heights. The under seat storage basket is a bit awkward to place things in, but is large enough to carry a couple of jackets or small diaper bag if needed. The stroller is not as easy to fold as I would like, and it is a bit large to easily take in the car. The individual reclining seats and adjustable canopies are perfect for two kids.satisfiedrunner
Great Jogger that Beats the BOB
I researched several double jogging strollers to find one that met the needs of out infant twins. My friend has a BOB stroller, and I initially thought that's the one we would choose, but at double the price of the Schwinn, I wasn't ready to commit.

After reading lots of reviews, we decided to give the Schwinn a try for its features and price.

Specifically, we liked the adjustable handlebar. There's almost a foot difference between mine and my husband's height, so raising and lowering the bar was a big plus. I also liked being able to lock the the front wheel with the click of a lever on the handlebar, no stopping to bend down and manually lock the wheel. The Schwinn does fit through a normal size doorway, but it's a little tight (as are ALL double strollers of this type). We have a very awkward entrance and must immediately enter and take a left turn. The Schwinn handles all the maze of hallway with ease.

The shocks work great on the stroller. We did a bit of off-roading yesterday, and the Schwinn had no problem on pavement or grass or a wooded trail. I also really like that each child has their own adjustable canopy with a view tab for mom/dad above.

The fact that you can plugin an MP3 player and have tunes along your journey is another nice feature. Just be careful if placing the canopies in front of the kids' view as the cord isn't long very long for the generic speakers.

We had a bit of trouble collapsing the stroller at first. Make sure you have the seat backs in the proper position. Ours tended to get caught on the seat bottoms and we had to pull the seat back into position as we collapsed it. (Note: we removed the sheepskin inserts as it was much more difficult to close with these in.) Maybe this was because it was new out of the box. I think this issue will resolve itself after a few more openings and closings.

Overall, we are extremely happy with the Schwinn and especially the money left in the bank.BabyChickie2
Amazing stroller but no leg room
I wanted a relatively inexpensive double stroller that is easy to push. This stroller is so light with both my kids in it (although they are small). The handle bar goes up and down to accommodate my and my husbands height and the double cup holder for adults and storage compartment is so handy. I also love the speakers in each of the kids' seats. It's quiet enough that I don't have to hear the Mary Poppins music throughout our walk. It is easy to fold up but takes up a lot of space when I put it in my car. I have a large SUV and it still takes up over 3/4 of the trunk space.
The only negatives I have are that, because of the aerodynamic pointed foot area, my toddler (who is small for his age) has to dangle his feet over the side. Also, when you get running at a certain speed (not fast) the front wheel starts to shake the stroller and you have to stop.
I wish that the foot area was larger but I really really like this stroller and would definitely recommend it to a friend.
I also put my daughter in the stroller when she was only 6 weeks old but she was strong and could hold herself up.
Great stroller!OttawaMom2
Not a good fit for children 2 years apart
I have 2 kids, 2.5 yrs and 6 months old. I tried this stroller because I used the single jogging stroller with my first and liked it. However, the double was much harder to use. The main thing I noticed was how difficult it was to pull the release tabs on each side in order to fold it down. The frame also squeaked. But the deal breaker was that my oldest was too tall for it. I think this stroller might be ideal for twins. I ended up going with the double bob because it had much more individual leg room, something my oldest can still grow into.MommyofDylan2012
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